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William Stryker

Real Name
William Stryker


Reverend, former soldier


Place of Birth

Known Relatives
Marcy Stryker (wife, deceased), unnamed son (deceased)

Group Affiliation







Skilled soldier and military unit leader

Other Info
William Stryker was a soldier in the US military. While on a trip home, the family was in an car accident in the Nevada desert and his wife went into labor. His newborn son was born a mutant. This drove Stryker insane, and he killed both mother and child. He then ignited their car in the attempt to commit suicide. The incident and his behavior afterward soon caused Stryker to be discharged from the military.

Due to his failed suicide attempt, Styker decided that God must have prevented him from taking his own life so that he could serve God on Earth. He also became convinced that Satan had a plot to corrupt humankind by taking over their souls while still in the womb, resulting in their mutations. Therefore, Stryker began to think of himself as "chosen by God" to destroy mutants. So, he formed Strkyer's Crusade and the Purifiers. In addition, driven by this newfound conviction, Stryker also become a popular, but controversial, preacher and televangelist. (To learn about the Purifiers, click on their highlighted name above.)

Later, Stryker began an elaborate campaign to take out the X-Men. Stryker arranged to have Professor Xavier kidnapped, brainwashed, and attached to a machine that, using his brainpower, would kill all living mutants. Soon after, Magneto became involved after investigating the deaths of a mutant family. In order to stop this scheme, the X-Men were forced to join forces with their enemy, Magneto. Then, at one point, Stryker attempted to kill Kitty Pryde in front of a television audience, but one of his own security guards shot and arrested him. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn about the team and/or characters.)

Stryker was then put into prison. However, Lady Deathstrike made her way onto the airplane where Stryker was being transferred, and killed the guards and rescued Stryker. It was then revealed that the two were lovers. (To learn about Lady Deathstrike, click on her name above. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit on Lady Deathstrike's bio page.)

Stryker emerged after M-Day with his Purifiers. They believed that God did his part on M-Day by wiping out most of the mutant population, and that it is was their job to finish his work by any means necessary. Therefore, his Purifiers killed a number of X-Men students. Also, Stryker came into the possession of the arm of the futuristic Sentinel known as Nimrod. Stryker ended up using this arm as a gauntlet. (To learn about the event and/or characters above, just click on their highlighted names. Also, Stryker with Nirmrod's arm is shown in the fifth and sixth pictures posted. Note: Beware of the couple people dressed in revealing outfits on the M-Day bio page.)

Sometime later, Stryker ordered on of his snipers to assassinate a mutant known as Wallflower. Afterward, the boyfriend of Wallflower, Elixir, found and killed him. (To learn about Wallflower or Elixir, click on their names above.)

Later on, Stryker was resurrected by Bastion using a techno-organic virus. However, recently Stryker has one again been killed, this time by Archangel during the fight with the Purifiers. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about Bastion and/or Archangel.)

To learn more about William Stryker, click on the following link,,_William.

In the X-Men movies, they seem to mix two Marvel characters together to create their own "William Stryker." This mix is between William Stryker and Malcolm Colcord.

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  1. I wonder when he'll be brought back to life again ;-)

    Also, I thought the movie made the character slightly less hate-worthy. You know, the plot where his wife killed herself because of his mutant son... not some deranged lunatic killing his wife and infant son for no reason. I don't feel bad at all for the real guy.