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Mary Jane

Real Name
Mary Jane Watson

Actress; former model


Place of Birth
Montoursville, PA

Known Relatives
Anna May Watson (aunt), Philip (father), Madeline (mother, deceased), Gayle Watson-Byrnes (sister), Timothy Byrnes (ex-brother-in-law), Kevin and Tommy Byrnes (nephews), Judge Spenser Watson (uncle), Frank Brown (mother's cousin), Kristy Watson (cousin), Lou and Lorraine Watson (uncle and aunt, parents of Kristy)

Group Affiliation

College educated


120 lbs.




Mary Jane is a successful supermodel who is focusing her career on improving as an actress

Other Info
Mary Jane (MJ) was born to Madeline and Philip Watson. She has an sister named Gayle who is four years older than Mary Jane. Due to many failures by her father, their family was forced to move around multiple times. At every new school, Mary Jane was the class clown and party animal. However, one day after Mary Jane's father hit her older sister, her mother took the two daughters and left her husband; while Madeline was prepared to endure her husband's bitterness, she would not stay to see her children suffer his violence. The three went from relative to relative staying at their homes. Unfortunately, they were resented by those who took them in, with one exception - her father's elderly sister: Aunt Anna Watson--who lived in Forest Hills.

Mary Jane loved her visits with Aunt Anna, though one downside was that Anna and her neighbor May Parker were always trying to get Mary Jane together with May's nephew: Peter. Mary Jane was thirteen when she first laid eyes on Peter who was fourteen. Peter had just started high school, and through her window Mary Jane saw a serious-looking bookworm who she thought he was kind of cute, in a nerdy sort of way. But, they did not pursue one another. (To learn more about Spider-Man, click on the highlighted name above.)

As a high-school freshman, MJ was already getting boys' attention. And soon after, Mary Jane buried herself in acting, parties, and the nation's new celebrity sensation: Spider-Man. Mary Jane realized that she and Spider-Man shared two things in common: a determination to enjoy life, and a mask which hid their true faces.

One night, when staying with her Aunt Anna, MJ noticed Peter Parker rushing home to his Aunt's house. Then, a minute later, she could hardly believe her eyes as she saw Spider-Man crawl out of an upstairs window. She knew the secret of who Spider-Man was. However, she kept it that way: a secret.

Later, back home, Mary Jane's sister became pregnant again and her young husband abandoned her. Mary Jane also saw her own mother become sick and die. Desperate, Gayle assumed that Mary Jane would stay and help raise the two young children, but Mary Jane saw nothing but a cage. Therefore, she ran from Gayle's life, all the way to New York.

Later on, Mary Jane found work waiting tables and dancing on stage in discos. And soon after her and Peter Parker actually went on a date (even though she was trying to avoid the setup by their two aunts for some time). Peter, expecting a dowdy girl, was stunned by Mary Jane's beauty and exuberant charm. MJ realized that Peter was a confident young college student. She also didn't expect Peter to suggest they ride into town on his motorcycle when a television bulletin announced that the Rhino was at large in the city. Of course, Peter immediately disappeared to "take photos."Spider-Man then would turn up moments later. Mary Jane bit her tongue and kept this, and many such future "coincidences" a secret. (To learn about the Rhino, click on his name above.)

Mary Jane dated Peter a couple more times, and became part of his circle of friends, joining Harry Osborn, Gwen Stacy, and Flash Thompson. But, Peter and Gwen fell deeply in love, and Mary Jane could offer no such commitment. Instead, Mary Jane began casually dating Harry, though she flirted shamelessly with Peter, and others. But when Harry developed a drug addiction, his relationship with Mary Jane suffered greatly, and it never truly recovered. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about some of Mary Jane's friends.)

With the death of Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn, MJ's friendship with Peter remained true, and she comforted him through his loss. Harry meanwhile had become increasingly unstable, and Mary Jane abandoned him completely. Over time, Peter began to realize that there was more to Mary Jane than the "party girl" persona she put off. Later, when Peter left on a trip to Europe, he left Mary Jane with a kiss which showed how much he cared for her. Mary Jane liked it and over the following months, they became lovers (although Peter's commitments as Spider-Man caused no less grief with Mary Jane than they had when he dated Gwen Stacy or Betty Brant). Eventually, Peter proposed to Mary Jane, but she declined. Feeling uncomfortable, Mary Jane left New York for some time, and furthered her modeling career in Florida. (To learn about the characters above, just click on their highlighted names.)

When Mary Jane returned, both she and Peter were having some problems with their lives, and relied on one another as good friends. MJ finally revealed to Peter that she knew that he was Spider-Man. Since his mask was now gone, she removed hers, and told Peter about the other side of Mary Jane, and her own difficult past. In their shared honesty, the two realized how close they had become. A few months later, Peter proposed once more, and Mary Jane accepted.

They were a happy married couple for some time. But, the reality of being wedded to a super-hero was far more demanding than Mary Jane ever imagined. The stress of villains invading their personal lives, Peter's extended absences, the fear of Peter dying, and even her own problems with crazy fans, made life difficult. However, things started looking up for the young couple when Mary Jane became pregnant. Even more significant was the return of Peter's long-lost clone, Ben Reilly, who assumed the role of Spider-Man (this left Peter free to be with MJ). (To learn about Peter Parker's clone, just click on his highlighted name above.)

Due to Norman Osborn, Mary Jane lost her unborn child. However, Peter and MJ undertook marriage guidance, and she took up psychology at ESU, befriending Jill Stacy. Mary Jane was given an opportunity to resume her beloved modeling, for which she was very well paid. They moved into an expensive apartment, along with Aunt May. (To learn about Jill Stacy, click on her name above.)

While MJ's busy modeling schedule was straining her and Peter's relationship, the truth came out that Peter was still going out as Spider-Man. As their marriage hung in the balance, Mary Jane was held captive by "the Stalker" (a man who supernaturally began to become like Peter after absorbing his memories). Spider-Man rescued MJ, but after the mental trauma of her captivity, she was unable to return to the lifestyle which had torn them apart. The two separated, with Mary Jane moving to the West Coast. However, later, they were able to work things out a stick toegther.

After Peter joined the New Avengers, Mary Jane, Aunt May, and Peter resided in Tony Stark's Stark Tower. She supported Peter's decision to unmask before the world in response to the Superhuman Registration Act, despite the increased risk to her own safety. After Peter withdrew his support for the Act, she and Aunt May went into hiding. (Learn about the above highlighted characters/place/act by clicking on them above.)

Learning of Spider-Man's unmasking, the Kingpin, sent a sniper to locate and shoot the Parkers. While Peter saved Mary Jane from the gunfire, Aunt May was shot and sent into a coma. Peter desperately searched for a means to save Aunt May's life, blaming his unmasking for endangering his family. With the Parkers at a dead-end, Mephisto took advantage of the situation, offering to restore Aunt May to health if MJ and Peter agreed to have their holy bond of matrimony removed from time. Mephisto also agreed to erase all memories and records of Spider-Man's unmasking to ensure Aunt May would not be simply shot by another sniper. Mary Jane selflessly agreed to the deal, believing that the love between her and Peter would be strong enough to bring them back together again. Following Mary Jane's lead, Peter also consented. (To learn more about Mephisto, just click on his highlighted name above.)

Now, time has been altered such that Mary Jane, though she shared a relationship with Peter, never married him, and is currently no longer romantically involved with him.

To learn more about Mary Jane, just click on the following link, http://marvel.com/universe/Watson,_Mary_Jane.


  1. Mephisto is such a jerk. Seriously - what is wrong with him? Ugh. No wonder he couldn't win the last battle.

  2. I love that picture of Kirsten Dunst as MJ. I enjoyed hanging out with you last night, Cor. :)

  3. Mephisto is like Satan and does do thing for the good of anyone. He probably did it just for his own jollies.