Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Justin Hammer

Real Name
Justin Hammer


Industrialist, criminal financier

Citizen of Monaco with no criminal record

Place of Birth
Surrey, England

Known Relatives
Justine Hammer (Crimson Cowl, daughter)

Group Affiliation
Notable agents include, but are not limited to: Blizzard (Donald Gill), El Toro Negro, Force, Spymaster, and Whiplash



170 lbs.




Justin Hammer is a brilliant and shrewd financier, businessman, and strategist.

Other Info
When Stark International finally abandoned the manufacture of weapons and arms technology, many of Tony Stark’s competitors were happy to take its place. None was so successful, however, as Hammer Industries, led by Justin Hammer. Hammer Industries then quickly became the world’s leading weapons supplier. (To learn about Iron Man, just click on the highlighted name above.)

For years, Justin Hammer successfully maintained a front as a reclusive billionaire overseeing various international business interests. Hammer headed dozens of international design and manufacturing firms around the world. However, despite his many illegal activities, he avoided any trouble with the authorities by diversifying his interests.

Justin Hammer and Tony Stark came into direct conflict when both competed to build an electronics plant in the small Communist country of Carnelia. To ensure his bid would be successful, Hammer had his engineers designed a device to override the Iron Man armor (not knowing that Iron Man was actually Tony Stark) and to kill the Carnelian U.N. ambassador. Stark allowed his armor to be impounded as malfunctioning and tracked Hammer to the Mediterranean, where he discovered scores of Hammer’s dubious business practices, including the financing of superhuman criminals. With a spare Iron Man suit, Stark defeated Hammer’s agents and forced Hammer to escape. Although Iron Man was cleared of any murder charge, Tony Stark was never able to expose Hammer’s illegal activities.

Over the years, Hammer supported, outfitted, and/or financed operations for many criminals, such as Aqueduct, Beetle, Blizzard, Boomerang, Cardinal, the Constrictor, Leapfrog, the Scorpion, Stiletto, and Whiplash. (To learn about any of the above characters, just click on their highlighted names.)

In recent months, Hammer learned he was dying, and he retired to a space station to spend the remainder of his days. He soon embarked on one last attempt on Tony Stark's life, hiring the villain Spymaster to inject Stark with nanite "rogue cells." (The cells altered Stark's hormonal balance, making him incredibly irritable and dangerous.) Stark was released from the cells by his friends Jocasta and James Rhodes, and Iron Man confronted Hammer aboard his space station. The battle ended when Hammer was injured as the space station exploded, freezing him in a block of ice, within which his body currently orbits the earth. (Click on the highlighted names to learn about those characters. Note: Beware of the skin-tight outfit on Jocasta's bio page.)

Even though Justin Hammer's body is frozen in a block of ice orbiting the earth, his legacy lives on in his daughter Justine, the Crimson Cowl. (To learn about Hammer's daughter, just click on her name above. Note: Beware of the revealing outfit on the Crimson Cowl's bio page.)

To learn more about Justin Hammer, click on the following link, http://marvel.com/universe/Hammer%2C_Justin.

As you can tell, Justin Hammer, in the comics, is much older than the one portrayed in the movie, Iron Man 2. Once again, Marvel Entertainment messed with the characters a bit when it came to creating movies, but I think they did a great job of fitting them all together to create an awesome movie!

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  1. He's a schmuck in both the comics and the movie so... at least they got that part right