Monday, March 1, 2010

Alicia Masters

Real Name
Alicia Reiss Masters



Citizen of the United States of America

Place of Birth
New York City, New York

Known Relatives
Phillip Masters (stepfather), Marcia Reiss Masters (mother, deceased), Jacob Reiss (father, deceased)

Group Affiliation
Associate of Fantastic Four

B.A. in Fine Arts

5' 4"

110 lbs.

Pale brown

Reddish blonde

She has no super powers, though she has temporarily possessed superhuman capabilities in the past. As a spider-creature, she had eight spider-legs, could project webbing from her mouth, and was immensely strong and durable. As the Bride of Nephrus, Alicia could project energy bolts through her crown. Alicia’s interstellar body-suit gave her quantum sight, the ability to see the universe’s energy patterns. She could manipulate those patterns to fly, an activate pre-existing dimensional gates. The suit offered protection against cosmic strength forces, but numbed Alicia’s emotions.

Alicia is an accomplished, world-renowned, neo-realist sculptress. Due to being blind, she is capable of sensing things other people can't, such as another's heartbeat or general presence.

Other Info
When Alicia Masters was young, there was a laboratory explosion that killed her father and made her blind. Alicia's mother married her father's partner, Phillip Masters (aka future Puppet Master). After her mother died, Phillip raised Alicia alone. (To learn about Alicia's step-father, click on the highlighted name above.)

One day, the Puppet Master revealed to Alicia a puppet of himself in a king’s crown and robe. He announced that he would control the world with his puppets. But, she resisted him, and in a struggle she tipped over his puppet, pushing him out of a window, seemingly to his death.

Eventually, Alicia became friends with the Fantastic Four. She quickly befriended the Thing, and they soon began a romantic relationship that also lasted many years. (To learn about the Fantastic Four and/or the Thing, just click on their names.)

Unfortunately, her stepfather did not die and he soon returned to plague the Fantastic Four, and Alicia, for many years.

When the Silver Surfer first led Galactus to Earth, the Surfer was struck temporarily unconscious by a blow from the Thing. During this time, Alicia took care of the Surfer, who was touched by her compassion. Because of Alicia's care for the Surfer, he realized the worth of the human race, and went on to betray Galactus in defense for the humans. The Surfer later returned to Alicia, but their friendship didn't last long because the Thing grew jealous and fought with the Surfer, believing the Surfer would win Alicia away from him. (To learn about the two characters above, just click on their highlighted names.)

Alicia was later kidnapped by the Enclave in order to use her blindness and skills as a sculptress to sculpt a bust of their creation, Warlock (he initially gave off too much light for a sighted person to withstand). But, the Fantastic Four came to her rescue and teleported her out of the Enclave's base of operations. (To learn about the above character and group, click on their names above.)

Over time, Alicia and Thing's relationship grew stronger, and they even considered marriage several times. However, Ben's membership in the Fantastic Four continued to put Alicia at risk and she was occasionally kidnapped or used against the Thing. A couple of the most notable kidnaps were when she mutated into a spider-monster at the hands of Hydra and when she was transformed into the Egyptian bride of Nephrus. At one point, Alicia was hospitalized after a brutal attack by Annihilus, and her relationship with the Thing grew troubled. Both came to the conclusion that their courtship should end, but before they could act on it, the Thing was taken to the Beyonder's Battleworld and Alicia was kidnapped by Skrulls. One of the Skrulls named Lyja took Alicia's place and faked her identity for a long period time, even starting a romance with and eventually marrying the Human Torch. When the Fantastic Four eventually rescued the real Alicia, she and the Thing officially ended their romance, though they still remain good friends. (Click on the highlighted names above to learn more about the characters, place, and race. Note: Beware of the Beyonder's skin tight, or possibly lack off, outfit on her bio page. Also, Lyja's bio page has her in a slightly revealing outfit.)

Recently, Alicia traveled into space with the Silver Surfer, and was given an interstellar body-suit by the alien robot Cy-phyrr 4. (Her suit is shown in the fifth picture posted). The suit gave her quantum sight, and the ability to see the universe’s energy patterns. She could manipulate those patterns to fly, an activate pre-existing dimensional gates. Later,she permanently sacrificed her armor to save the lives of Mantis and several bystanders when Galactus attempted to devour the Shi'ar homeworld. During this time, Alicia and the Surfer conducted a romantic relationship, which ended when Alicia decided to remain on Earth while the Surfer wanted to return to the stars.(To learn about the characters and race above, just click on their names.)

Alicia has since returned to her career as a successful sculptor.

For more information on Alicia Masters, just click on the following link,,_Alicia.

It is interesting to note that Alicia was always portrayed as Caucasian. However, in the movies, and in more recent cartoons, Alicia is portrayed as African-American (just like Nick Fury).


  1. Weird - seems like all the heroes' girlfriends/ boyfriends always have to have some stint with superpowers too.
    I think it's interesting how in the movie it wasn't Alicia who changed the Surfer's mind - it was the Invisible Woman.

  2. I thought that was interesting too that they changed that about the Invisible Woman convincing the Surfer instead of Alicia in the Fantastic Four movie.