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Invisible Woman

Real Name
Susan Storm Richards

Adventurer, substitute teacher; former actor, model, student


Place of Birth
Glenville, Long Island, New York

Known Relatives
Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic, husband), Franklin Richards (son), Valeria Richards (daughter), Johnny Storm (Human Torch, brother), Franklin Storm (father, deceased), Mary Storm (mother, deceased), Marygay Jewel Dinkins (aunt), "Bones" (cousin), Evelyn Richards (mother-in-law, deceased), Nathaniel Richards (father-in-law), Cassandra Richards (Warlord, mother-in-law, deceased), unnamed child of Nathaniel Richards (brother-in-law), Tara Richards (Huntara, sister-in-law), Kristoff Vernard (alleged brother-in-law), Lyja (sister-in-law)

Group Affiliation
Fantastic Four; formerly Secret Avengers, Avengers, Brides of Set, pawns of Death

High school education, incomplete college studies


120 lbs.



Sue can render herself wholly or partially invisible at will. She can also render other people or objects invisible, affecting up to forty thousand cubic feet of volume. She achieves these feats by mentally bending all wavelengths of light in the vicinity around herself or the target in question, and she somehow does this without causing any visible distortion effects; she also somehow directs enough undistorted light to her eyes to retain her full range of vision while invisible. Sue can also mentally generate a psionic field of invisible force apparently drawn from hyperspace, which she manipulates for a variety of effects. Most commonly, Sue generates near-indestructible invisible force fields around herself or other targets. She can vary the texture and tensile strength of her field to some extent, rendering it highly rigid or as soft and yielding as foam; softer variations on the field enable her to cushion impacts more gently, and are less likely to result in a psionic backlash against Sue herself (in rare cases, sufficiently powerful attacks on her psionic fields can cause her mental or physical pain).

Sue can shape her psionic force fields into invisible constructs, usually simple shapes such as barriers, columns, cones, cylinders, darts, discs, domes, platforms, rams, ramps, slides and spheres. By generating additional force behind her psionic constructs, Sue can turn them into offensive weapons, ranging from massive invisible battering rams to small projectiles such as spheres and darts. She can generate solid force constructs as small as a marble or as large as 100 feet in diameter, and her hollow projections such as domes can extend up to several miles in area. By forming one of her force fields within an object and expanding the field, Sue can cause her target to explode. She can also travel atop animated constructs such as ramps, stairs, slides, columns and stepping discs, enabling her to simulate a limited approximation of levitation or flight. She is capable of generating and manipulating multiple psionic force fields simultaneously. Sue once swapped powers with her brother Johnny for a brief period, and during that time had the ability to generate and manipulate flames for various effects.

Sue has some modest experience and ability in the field of acting, and has recently taken up teaching. She is a capable unarmed combatant. She is renowned for her changing hairstyles (once said to match the Wasp's changing costumes).

Other Info
Susan "Sue" Storm, and her brother Johnny (future Human Torch) had a happy childhood until their mother Mary was killed in a car crash. Their father, Doctor Franklin Storm, survived the crash without injury, but was unable to save his wife despite his medical efforts. From the sadness of losing his wife, Dr. Storm abandoned his practice, became a gambler and a drunk. He was eventually sent to prison after he accidentally killed an underworld loan shark during a struggle. After this, Sue became more like a mother than a sister to Johnny, even though both were soon placed in the custody of their loving aunt Marygay. While she was still there, Sue became smitten with her aunt's tenant, Reed Richards (future Mister Fantastic). Later, in her college years, Sue began doing some minor acting and modeling work and renewed her contact with Reed and dated him steadily for some time. Reed's old friend Ben Grimm (future Thing) took an interest in Sue as well, but Sue remained loyal to Reed. (To learn about the other members of the Fantastic Four and Sue's father, click on their highlighted names above.)

When a sudden loss of funding threatened to derail Reed's experimental starship project, Reed urged his pilot, Ben, to join him in making an unauthorized test flight before the project shut down. Grimm was reluctant, but accepted the challenge after Sue questioned his courage. Sue also took her brother Johnny with them. Once in space, the team was hit by cosmic rays and they were forced back to Earth. Back on Earth, they discovered they had all mutated into superhumans; Sue became the Invisible Girl. The four decided to use their new powers for super-heroics and scientific exploration: becoming the Fantastic Four. At first, Sue had relatively static invisibility power, but later developed her ability to project and manipulate invisible force fields. (Click on the Fantastic Four team name above to learn more about them.)

While Reed provided the Fantastic Four with a Manhattan headquarters in the Baxter Building, Sue and Johnny stayed in a suburban home in their native Glenville for some time. One of the earliest foes of the Fantastic Four was Namor the Sub-Mariner, who was strongly attracted to Sue and competed with Reed for her affections. Sue was drawn to Namor, but remained true to Reed. (Later Namor became a good ally to the Fantastic Four.) When Sue was gravely injured during a battle with the Mole Man, her father (who had just recently escaped from prison) came out of hiding to operate on her, saving her life and finally reconciled with his children, Sue and Johnny. (To learn about the characters and the Fantastic Four headquarters above, just click on their names.)

Reed and Sue were married and Sue, soon after, became pregnant with her first child and stepped down from an active role in Fantastic Four, and was replaced by Crystal (then Johnny's girlfriend). Her and Reed's baby was named Franklin, after Sue's father (who had died by this time). Franklin proved to be a very powerful mutant whose fluctuating abilities have alternately saved or menaced both the Fantastic Four and the world over the years. At one time, Franklin's powers were raging out of control and Reed was forced to shut down his son's mind for a time. Along with Sue becoming upset over this, she was frustrated by her growing belief that Reed did not regard her as an equal. Because of these feelings, Sue separated from Reed and quit the Fantastic Four again, taking Franklin with her. (She was replaced by Medusa at that time). However, Sue reclaimed her spot after she and Reed finally reconciled. Sue became pregnant a second time, but because this baby was conceived during a stay in the Negative Zone, Sue was exposed to radiation that made this pregnancy result in a stillbirth. (To learn about a couple of the replacements to the Fantastic Four, Sue and Reed's son, and about the Negative Zone, just click on their names above. Note: Beware of Medusa's bio page that has her in some tight-fitting and revealing outfits. But, definitely beware of Crystal's bio page because she's in a very tight-fitting outfit!)

Soon after this, Sue's emotions were manipulated by Psycho-Man and his Hate-Monger android, making her give into her darker impulses. This changed Sue into the mad villainess known as, Malice (shown in the forth picture posted). As Malice, Sue turned against the Fantastic Four and almost defeated them. However, Reed was able to free Sue from her emotional prison and she got revenge on Psycho-Man by subjecting him to his own emotion-warping technology. After this experience, Sue felt that she had been forced to mature and she let go of the pains of her past. Therefore, she changed her codename from Invisible Girl to Invisible Woman. During this same time, Sue learned the full extent of her powers: she could create actual objects from the force-fields she manipulated to create her protective shield. (To learn about the highlighted villains, just click on their names.)

Both Sue and Reed have tried to retire from the Fantastic Four and live normal lives, but each time seemed to be short-lived and they returned to the team. Once, Sue and Reed teamed up with several Avengers to rescue their son, Franklin, during an invasion. They reluctantly joined the Avengers, who were critically short-handed at the time. Later, both stepped down from active role in the Avengers and eventually resigned from the Avengers completely after they rejoined the Fantastic Four. (The Fantastic Four remain strong allies with the Avengers). Some of Sues close friends from her time with the Avengers are Wasp and She-Hulk (both who have filled empty places in the Fantastic Four when Ben Grimm had left the team). (To learn about the Avengers, or Sue's friends, just click on their highlighted names above. Note: Beware of the She-Hulk's bio page: she's in a very tight-fitting outfit.)

When Reed was seemingly killed in action, Sue took over the leadership of the Fantastic Four and recruited Ant-Man as the team's new scientist. However, she refused to believe Reed was truly dead and she lead a search for her husband and rejected romantic advances from Namor. (Reed had been abducted and time-displaced by the villain Hyperstorm). However, after some time, the Fantastic Four was finally able to rescue Reed. (To learn about Ant-Man or Hyperstorm, just click on their highlighted names above.)

Later, during a reality-warping conflict with the cosmic being Abraxas, Franklin revealed he had used his powers to rescue Sue's stillborn second child years earlier. As a side-effect of Abraxas' defeat, the child was returned to its unborn state in Sue's womb. Sue had a rough pregnancy, but she gave birth to a healthy baby girl named, Valeria. (To learn more about Abraxas, or Sue and Reed's daughter, just click on their names above.)

Reed led the Fantastic Four in dismantling Doom's Latverian regime, despite international condemnation of his actions, which hurt their public image and their standing with the authorities. At that time, the Fantastic Four broke up, Reed and Sue split up, and Reed signed over most of his patents to the government as part of a deal to escape prosecution. However, the team was able to reunite. Currently, the Fantastic Four is working to rebuild their reputations and their finances. During this time, they have dabbled into more conventional fields of employment, such as teaching.

Sue was recently captured by Zius. Knowing Sue's power could overcome a device designed to hide planets from Galactus, Zius intended to execute Sue. But, Reed was able to use a device to swap Johnny and Sue's powers, tricking Zius into thinking the invisibility powers Sue possessed had been completely neutralized. (The fifth picture posted is of Sue with the Human Torch's powers.) Eventually, Sue was able to regain her original powers. (To learn more about Zius, click on his name above.)

When the United States government instituted a Superhero Registration in response to a schoolyard tragedy in Stamford, Connecticut, Reed joined alongside Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) using his scientific genius to work against unregistered heroes. Sue disagreed with Reed's decision, and the tension between them grew after a crowd outside a nightclub attacked Johnny and put him into a coma. While Sue visited him daily, Reed brushed it off and lost himself in his work for the government. The tension finally came to a head and Sue left Reed in a spectacular exit that blew a hole through the ceiling and floor of the building they were in. Sue joined up with the anti-Registration side (against her husband) led by Captain America. However, the Captain America soon turned himself in after an all-out battle in downtown New York that devastated the people he meant to protect. Afterward, Sue was left to pick up the pieces of her team and her marriage. (To learn more about the leaders of the different sides of the Marvel "Civil War," click on their names above.)

Sue currently moonlights as a substitute teacher while juggling her roles as wife, mother and celebrity adventurer. If you would like to learn more about the Invisible Woman, click on the following link,


  1. I think the movies captured the gist of these stories pretty well.
    I think it's sad that being a superhero tends to hurt personal relationships pretty much every time.
    Also, what is the "Brides of Set" group Sue was in?

  2. The "Brides of Set" include these 7 female superheroes: Andromeda, Dagger, Invisible Woman, Jean Grey (Marvel Girl), Scarlet Witch, She-Hulk, and Storm. This group of 7 women were mind-controlled by the "Mark of Set" put on them by Ghaur. These "brides" were to wed the the Elder God, named Set, and give birth to his offspring. However, they, along with their allies, were able to stop Set and Ghaur before that could happen, and the "Mark of Set" vanished from these women. (To learn a little bit more about the details concerning the "Brides of Set," check out this website,

  3. That whole Superhero Registration anti-registration situation sure seemed to mess up the super hero world.