Friday, March 20, 2009

Battle Royal Results

And the victor is...ROGUE!!! Wow! What a great turn out at the polls this week! 18 votes, and 7 of them went to Rogue! She CRUSHED the competition! The next closest was Wolverine in a distant 2nd with only 3 votes! I was kind of surprised by this...I didn't know that their were sooooo many Rogue fans!?!? Apparently, once people learned more about her (which I learned a ton more about her too) people thought she was the strongest! My first poll I ever did about which superpower people would like to have...Rogue only got 2 votes, and people were allowed to choose their TOP 3 (not just one)! Crazy!?!?! Talk about a turn around! (But, it may have to do with people wanting to be able to touch people, which Rogue can't, so I can kind of understand why people wouldn't want her ability, but see her as the strongest character!) Anyway, thanks for all those who participated, and thanks to all those who just check out my Marvel Madness blog! Much love everyone!

P.S. I believe I will be doing another Battle Royal once I highlight 12 more characters!


  1. I'm going to go ahead and take credit for starting the Rogue bandwagon moving. What I don't get is why Wolverine would come in second. Magneto might get tossed by some others, but I think it's more than a sure bet he'd take out the metal boys the moment the match started. He'd need the ammo.
    I think some people are trying to think in terms of lots of one on one confrontations without understanding the sheer chaos of the melee. One on one, I'm sure Hulk would do well, and Wolverine would too, against anyone but Magneto. There's no real way to predict who will be facing who at the outset, but Hulk's lack of ability to strategize would destroy him in such a confrontation. All you Hulksters don't want to admit it, but lets face it, the transformation doesn't exactly highten his mental faculties.
    Rogue is the only logical choice for a real victor in such a chaotic confrontation, and I'd like to thank those who voted accordingly. Iron Man is still my favorite comic book character, but I'm comfortable saying he wouldn't win.

  2. Jason...I agree: I don't know how Wolverine got in second. He's made of metal, and Magneto would rip him to shreds.

    And for Hulk, it's true that his mental faculties aren't as sharp. I'm hoping, because of how the recent movie, The Incredible Hulk, ended, that Bruce Banner will have control of his emotions/reactions when he is in the Hulk form. :-)

    But, I still wonder how Rogue would win, because for characters who are pretty much completely clothed such as Magento and Wolverine (if he is in his comic book costume) she would struggle to get skin-to-skin contact. And for those characters who are completely clothed, such as Spider-Man and Iron Man...she wouldn't be able to have skin-to-skin contact and wouldn't be able to absorb their powers.

  3. You two are just too freakin' smart! And, yes, you are the two who swayed me the most in my thinking. First, I agreed with Cory and then I agreed with Jason and the others. Now I don't know what to think. :) I'm not much of a Marvel specialist, but I do enjoy hearing you smart people's take on things. :)