Monday, December 29, 2008

Poll Results

Well the "What superpower would you like to have" poll is over and the powers most desired ended up being...a 3 way tie...between being able to teleport, control over a tail, and being able to climb on solid surfaces (Nightcrawler) versus having heightened senses, being able to climb on walls, having super strength and shoot a web (Spider-Man) versus being really smart with awesome body armor (Iron Man).

Many of the next character highlights will be based off of the poll results. I'm not promising that I will go in the exact order of popularity, but I will stay close to it because I figure those are the powers and characters that people want to learn about.

Thanks for all those who participated in the poll. Remember to leave comments, questions, and additional information in the comments area. If you leave a question, I will try to find out an answer for you, so occasionally check back to see comments and additional information.

P.S. A new poll will be coming stay tuned.

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